Salon 20 Truth Be Told

Throughout history, truth has preoccupied all disciplines and ways of thought, strongly correlated as it is with the principles that shape our collective sphere, such as trust, democracy, justice, and freedom. Today, all over the world, and particularly in the US, it is preoccupying people to the point of [healthy] obsession. In this Salon we discussed what truth looks like in different fields, from science to poetry, philosophy, design, and, yes, even journalism, and how the arts can offer alternative ways to unearth and tell the truth.

Among the many questions we tackled are: What is the relationship between reality and truth? Have facts really lost currency? When obfuscation—whether imposed or spontaneously provoked by historical circumstances—rules, what role can art play in guiding people toward truth? What are some great examples from photography, literature, or performance? How can fiction help? What can we learn from religion, and is there anything that we should instead unlearn? How has the digital sphere changed our connection with truth? Are digital media weapons for transparency, or do they contribute to the distortion of our collective grasp of truth? How can, and should, museums speak truth to power? Has truth gone the way of beauty; it now in the mind of the beholder?

This salon took place on March 27th, 2017.


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