Salon 11 Unfair/Fair - Copyrights and Us

Unfair/Fair: Copyrights and Us explores copyrights and fair use. The idea of copyright is centuries old, but the emergence of new media technologies and the globalization of information have radically altered access to and control of art, literature, music, and concepts. As a result, borrowing, remixing, sampling, imitating, and appropriating have become increasingly integral strategies to contemporary practice, artistic and not. The implications for the notion of authenticity and issues of attribution, and the ramifications concerning copyright laws, however, remain in flux.

Watch the videos from the salon and explore some of these questions: Who and what are copyrights there to protect? Do the digital and the analog worlds follow the same rules? Is the refrain “no copyright infringement intended” an abdication of responsibility or an act of civil disobedience? What qualifies as fair use? These and many other questions will be central to our discussion.

The salon took place on November 18th, 2014.


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