Salon 10 The Object, Connected

The Object, Connected is the last salon in a three-part series dedicated to the object. In short, the first salon The Object, Online explored the translation of physical objects—such as painting, buildings, animals and exhibitions—into the digital realm. The following salon, The Object, Offline considered the diametric translation of digital objects—such as digital works of art, computerized manufacturing methods, and online crowdfunding campaigns—into the physical world. The Object, Connected delved deeper into the Internet of Things, exploring its impact on the world and taking into consideration how the ability to connect objects among themselves and within networks of usage and knowledge will impact museums and the cultural sector at large.

Watch the videos from the salon and explore some of these questions: How do artists, designers, architects, and curators use connected objects in their work; and what developments can we foresee? Should arts and humanities curricula necessarily include technological modules to best equip the future generation of cultural agents? How can we harness the Internet of Things to improve the cultural sector? What would connected museums be like to curate, to experience, and to work in? What are the ethical (and legal) issues at stake in a “smart” museum? What sort of collaboration between museums and relevant technological institutions would be most fruitful?

The salon took place on 14 October 2014


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