About MoMA R&D

MoMA R&D provides information and critical tools to identify and explore new directions and opportunities for The Museum of Modern Art and the broader museum field. It is both crucible and catalyst for new ways of thinking and doing in museums.

Internally, R&D is a research resource for departments and initiatives across the MoMA. It helps inform the Museum’s short- and long-term plans by means of a digest, thematic salons, and ad hoc meetings and discussions, both large and small. Our vision for the Museum is one that integrates physical and digital space seamlessly and creatively to reach well beyond its confines and influence society.

Through its activities, MoMA R&D presents stimulating ideas for new curatorial and educational programs, offers new models of cultural engagement that reach both local and international audiences, supports and informs MoMA’s activities in the digital space, and researches new partnerships and products (material and immaterial) that can expand MoMA’s mission and generate creative, cultural, and—in some cases—financial capital.

MoMA R&D is led by Paola Antonelli, who is also Senior Curator in the Department of Architecture & Design at MoMA. Project support by Barbara Eldredge, Shayna Gentiluomo, Marily Konstantinopoulou, Xaviera Kouvara, Paula Petkova, Aline Rezende, Erica Petrillo, Samantha Ozer, Theano Siaraferas, Helena Klevorn, and Christina Moushoul.

MoMA R&D initiatives are made possible with support from Allianz.

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