Salon 40 The Third Web

Salon 40 is focused on the ineffable Web3, brimming with possibility, activity, and clichés. We discuss a future with and within Web3 for creative people and society at large. Engaging a panel consisting of thinkers and artists, skeptics and zealots, we consider Web3’s current power and its future potential by considering many of its different facets. In stark contrast to and perhaps as a result of the freneticism of Web 2.0, we can rely on a more informed and mature public discourse on the long-term implications of any digital progress on our politics, culture, and economy.

We pose the following questions: What is decentralization and why is it integral to progress? How does Web3 evolve our definitions of ownership and property? What role will Web3’s infrastructure play in the lives of everyday people? How will that role be defined, and by whom? What impact does it have on the natural environment? Is it really possible to build a digital framework that does not replicate the existing power structures? How can radical and disruptive acts of the past be reinterpreted in this new framework? What does identity mean in a non-physical world? What are the risks in creating an ecosystem with financialization baked into its founding principles? How can we move beyond that system? What have we learned from the vicissitudes of Web 2.0? Who are the guardians of that knowledge, the wise ones that will inoculate it into the new web? Now that we’ve moved fast and broken things, how can we build better?

This salon took place on Monday, October 24, 2022


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