Salon 37 Breath

Breath symbolizes life but can also be the vector of deadly disease; it is a political symbol that connects multiple systems of violence under one supreme violation; it can be a destructive earthly exhalation, or a constructive tool for analysis and expression. In our current predicament, these multiplicities of meaning reflect the way one crisis flows into another, just as breath travels from mouth to throat to lungs, or from one person to the other.

Some of the questions we will pose in this Salon are: What does breath signify? Do we treat breathing as a right or a privilege? In what ways has breath been re-centered in our minds? How and when does breathing become dangerous? In what way is breath politicized? How will we adapt–our buildings, our cities, our lifestyles, our environment–to preserve our ability to breathe?

This salon took place on February 16, 2022


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